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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
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Amatsu Soft Tissue Therapy Masterclasses are available for continuing professional development 
Our students have given these words as feedback for Amatsu Soft Tissue Therapy trainingCPD courses are available for all Amatsu Therapy International members, who are qualified in Anma and Seitai (Amatsu Level 1 and 2). Cost is £110 per day and includes course materials. Some courses (Shinden) require all days to be attended (in 5 day blocks).   Payments may be made by bank transfer (contact office for details). For credit and debit cards via PayPal, please use our Payment page.

7th September 2018
 Amatsu Anatomy and Palpation of Head and Neck
Suitable for all Amatsu practitioners 
17th to 21st September 2018
 Shinden Week 2
Suitable for all Amatsu practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
17th September 2018
 Shinden Week 1 revision
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
18th September 2018
 Shinden - Kidney
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
19th September 2018
 Shinden - Duodenum and small intestines
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
20th September 2018
 Shinden - Spleen and pancreas
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
21st September 2018
 Shinden - Consolidation 
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1
 Available on demand

 Masterclasses of the following:

  • Kinetic Kyushu for the leg
  • Kinetic Kyushu for the arm
  • Kinetic Kyushu for the head and neck
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Muscle Testing of the upper body
  • Muscle Testing of the lower body
  • Muscle Testing for integrated movement
  • Kinesio Taping for Amatsu Practitioners
  • Palpatory anatomy and assessment for Amatsu to the:
Foot, lower leg and knee
Spine and ribs
Upper extremity
Head and neck

  Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners
 1st to 5th April 2019
  Shinden Week 3
 Suitable for all Amatsu Practitioners who have completed Shinden Week 1 & 2
Please book your place by email as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, then send cheques (made payable to Amatsu Training School Ltd) to the Office address.  Card payments made be made on our Payments page.

Shinden courses are 15 days of practical tuition spread over 3 years. Full attendance to all days are mandatory. Individual day CPD is available for repeaters. Minimum number of clinical hours may apply and a Pre-Shinden assessment maybe required.  Please contact the office to check.

* Other therapists may attend our Palpatory Anatomy days 

Usual Course Venues:

Loudwater Lane

Kings House Management Centre
Station Road
Kings Langley

Come and learn Amatsu Soft Tissue Therapy at our Hertfordshire venue
Anatomy and Physiology CPD

We recommend updating your Anatomy and Physiology knowledge regularly, and we have two options:

Learn Anatomy Ltd offers quality short courses to boost your A&P knowledge in a fun and memorable way.

These courses are delivered by Jane Langston and Earle Abrahamson, co-authors of the best-selling book "Making Sense of Learning Human Anatomy & Physiology" published by Lotus Publishing.

Veggie Man  as seen in Learn Anatomy's book

Learn Anatomy's book

Alternatively, we recommend Essentials Training Solutions' FHT Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology:

  • Perfect for refresher training or for new therapists and practitioners
  • Fully supported - click here for their testimonials
  • Free access to the ETS Resource Centre with links to videos, animation, and other resources to further support your study if you choose, without slowing you down
  • Interactive tutorials and online assessments mean you can study completely from home
  • Immediate online marking of assessments so no written assignments to be posted
  • No required attendance whatsoever, so you can study for your anatomy and physiology course wherever you wish
  • And they even guarantee your success!

FHT Qualification Course is a training course that follows National Occupational Standards (NOS).


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