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Amatsu Clinics UK are located in Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Norfolk and staffed by Jane Langston, Taz Faruqi, Gina Croft, Sharon Dempsey and Gill Bough 

Amatsu Clinics UK are located in Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Norfolk, and are busy training clinics.

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Jane Langston at Amatsu Clinics UK in Hertfordshire


I want to tell everyone that is considering Amatsu therapy to go for it.  I've always been a sceptic about alternative/complementary therapies and take a lot of convincing that these alternatives work! However, two years ago I had major reconstructive surgery to my left foot.  I noticed as time passed the ankle area was rigid and stiff, it felt like plastic with no give to it.  Some days it was actually difficult to walk because of the associated tendonitis.  I was beginning to lose hope of ever feeling comfortable on my feet again and I certainly didn't want further surgery in the hope of easing the situation!  I'd had masses of physiotherapy over the intervening years but nothing had really helped!  That is until I tried Amatsu therapy under the expert care of Jane Langston.  I could hardly believe the difference, even after the first treatment it felt much looser and more comfortable.  Whilst treatment is on going I can honestly say Amatsu therapy is  the best treatment I've ever had concerning the rehabilitation of my foot.
Thank you
H R Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts
Treatment from Jane has sorted out my chronic lower back problem when none of the "usual suspects" were able to. I am now much more balanced both physically and emotionally with an accompanying sense of well being. This has been particularly helpful in dealing with a bereavement in the last year. Jane is a straightforward, no-nonsense, practitioner with enormous skill and insight underpinned by many years experience as a senior biomedical scientist working in the NHS.
D.S Pinner, Middx

My recent experience with Amatsu therapy was very brief and unexpected, but such a powerful one I can't wait until my first proper appointment. In my case, the treatment I received relieved some very intense pain. 
Working at a festival this summer, I found myself doing lots of heavy lifting and woke up one morning with a very painful back, swollen shoulder muscles and a numb right arm. My entire upper body felt stiff and tender. As a 20 year old woman, I knew my body was telling me that something had gone very wrong, so I walked to the medical tent. I was advised to take painkillers and take it easy, and to seek out physical therapy when I went home. Thankfully, a wonderful Amatsu practitioner called Gina had been nearby and had heard a little of what I had described, and she offered to check out what was going on with my back and shoulders. 
As she worked, Gina described to me exactly which muscles had been affected, what had most likely caused the pain, and made sure I was comfortable before moving or loosening up each muscle group. The communication between us was important to me, for me to know why I was in so much pain, and knowing how I could continue working without causing myself harm. As the therapy continued, I felt myself become able to move more easily. After 45 minutes, the transformation was incredible. I had initially been in terrible pain - almost unable to move, and now I was pain free - relaxed, even. It had taken less than an hour for me to go from my very worst to my very best. As a person who suffers from back pain quite frequently- I had seen doctors and a chiropractor in the past- I had no idea that I could feel that good. 
Gina wrote down and described to me the exact muscles which had seized up and those which were at risk of doing so. She also explained to me a little of the Amatsu philosophy, which made a lot of sense to me. Twice more during the festival Gina helped me out, and both times I was left feeling relaxed and serene, what a big difference! Now I know just how good I can feel and how much happier my body can be, I know that Amatsu therapy is the best course of action for me. 

Flo, Wiltshire

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